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11x17 Inc. Claims to "Recycled"

11x17 Inc. displays a logo on qualified products that proclaim that the product has recycled content. By our interpretation of the definitions from the Federal Trade Commissions Standard, qualifying products are displayed with our logo proclaiming that the product contains recycled content. 11x17 Inc. makes these claims based on information that was gathered from our vendors and 3rd party distributors. 11x17 Inc. reserves the right to change product information including proclamations of recycled content at any time without notice. 11x17 Inc. does not claim that all raw materials used are recycled. 11x17 Inc. does not clam that all products are recycled. Products that do not proclaim recycled content are not necessarily 100% or 0% made of recycled content, but sufficient evidence is not available to prove otherwise. 11x17 Inc. does not provide information online about product origins for Trademark purposes. Recycled content information will be listed in the specific products specifications. For more information please feel free to contact Seth Wright at (903) 541-0100 x 102 or E-Mail sethw@11x17.com


11x17 Inc.'s Logos used on www.11x17.com for recycled content


11x17 Inc. is an environmentally friendly manufacturer

The majority of our manufactured products contain recycled material. We prefer to use the most durable materials available, that contain recycled content when available. 11x17 Inc. continues to work with our vendors to provide you with quality products, and great prices, that contain recycled content.


Commonly Manufactured products that contain Recycled content: 

  • The vinyl we use in most of our vinyl products contains 0% post-industrial recycled material. We do this because virgin vinyl is a superior product.
  • The board used in the vinyl products is made from 75%-100% recycled paperboard.
  • Our polyethylene products contain a minimum of 20% post-industrial recycled material.
  • PressGuard products contain at least 60% total recycled fiber with 30% post-consumer waste. The ring metals in our products contain up to 20% recycled material.

11x17 Inc.'s Internal Recycle Program

11x17 Inc.has an internal recycling program. We recycle over most of the scrap material from the manufacturing process. We also recycle corrugated cartons, office paper and much more. These materials can be used to make new products in the future, instead of ending up as trash.