11x17 Inc. can make freight collect arrangements with your preferred carrier. 


Approved Carriers

11x17 Inc. will ship your order on your account with the following carriers: UPS. If you preferred vendor is not on this list please call us to make special arrangements.  

How to request to have your order Shipped on your Account

Once your order has been placed online simply call our Customer Service Department (903) 541-0100 and request that your order be shipped on your account. Because of the various terminology please be as specific as possible when requesting the service method. 

11x17 Inc. will verify account information

11x17 Inc. reserves the right to call your carrier and verify your provided account information and if you have the approval of the account holder to request orders to be shipped on their account. 11x17 Inc. reserve the right to refuse shipping on your account if we feel unethical or uncomfortable with processing the shipment. At which time we will notify the customer and request another method for shipping the merchandise. 

Additional Fees

Any additional Shipping and Handling cost are the responsibility of the customer and are not refundable. 11x17 Inc. charges an additional $10.00 per order processing fee that is not negotiable or refundable. Any Taxes, Tariffs, or Duties are the responsibility of the customer. 

Shipped Collect Order Process Time

Freight Collect order are shipped at a lower priority based on the service method and order volume. We always attempt to provide superior customer service when possible.  


Order Cut off time for Same Day Ship Collect Shipping (EXPRESS ONLY)


Cut off Time 3:00 p.m. CT
Pick Up Time 5:00 p.m. CT


Damages during transit

Any damages occurred during transit are the responsibility of the receiver to process a claim on the merchandise. In an continuing effort to provide superior customer service should you need any help processing a claim with your carrier please contact our customer service department. 11x17 Inc. makes go guarantee that any or all claims will be rewarded and that full or partial costs will be received.  

Additional Options

If additional insurance or options are needed please ask for it from your 11x17 Inc. representative.