Approved 11x17 Inc. Carriers






Processing Fee

11x17 Inc. charges $10.00 to process your order on your shipping account


How to request your order ship on your account

Give us a call before placing your order and we will be happy to assist you. 11x17 Inc. reserves the right to verify account information prior to shipping your order. 11x17 Inc. reserves the right to deny shipping collect option at our discretion.


Refunds & Returning information

11x17 Inc. does not refund shipping and handling fees.


Damages in transit

Because the order will be shipped on your account, we are not allowed to process claims. In a continuing effort for superior customer service we will be happy to fill out any claim information on your behalf for you order with 11x17 Inc. Due to circumstances beyond 11x17 Inc. control we can not guarantee that all claims will be approved.