Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Does 11×17 manufacture the product? Yes, we do

  2. Do we ship outside of the U.S. ? Yes, we ship almost everywhere

  3. Do we do custom orders? Depends on what the demand is, we can complete most request

  4. What is our poly material made out of? Durable, flexible, and lightweight polyethylene

  5. Is the size of the binder measured by the ring or the spine? 11×17 binders are measured by the ring

  6. How do I know if an item is in stock? The item will be available online or call customer service

  7. What is the return policy? As long as the order is over $25.00 they have 30 days to return unused products. The customer also has to have a RA (Return Authorization) # issued

  8. Can we drop ship? Yes, we can drop ship to just about any address

  9. What type of payment do we except? Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Check

  10. When is the soonest I can receive my order? Monday-Friday next day

  11. Where is 11×17 located? Jacksonville, Texas

  12. Does 11×17 Inc. have a minimum order policy? There is a minimum on custom orders only

  13. Can I purchase the ring or clip by itself? Yes, you can

  14. Why do we make dividers in extra long? To accomodate our sheet protectors

  15. What does Archival and Non-Archival mean? Non-Archival will actually bleed onto the sheet protector over time and the Archival will not

  16. What does ship collect mean? Ship collect is when the customer has their own UPS/FED EX account and would like for us to have the shipping billed to their personal account

  17. Do report covers come with the fasteners? Yes they come with 10 Fasteners and you can also use screw post with these binders

  18. I ordered 5 tab dividers and I only received 3 tab dividers, why? Flip half of banks 1 and 2

  19. Can I use the caster base with my 2-drawer filing cabinet? No, the caster base is used with the 4 drawer file cabinets only

  20. What makes 11×17 Inc. binders better? Our binders are made of top-quality materials and have extra length for tab dividers or sheet protectors to be inside the binder, not hanging out. Our vinyl binder have thicker chipboard and have three layers of vinyl in a heavy-rib hinge. Products are designed from a users view.

  21. What is a poly binder? Polyethylene and polypropylene, single-sheet construction with scored hinges. Available in different thicknesses and are some­times called “soft”, “flexible” or “plastic” binders.

  22. What is a heat-sealed binder? Chip board with vinyl sealed edges around the board with a ring mechanism attached.

  23. What is a turned-edge binder? Cloth or paper-backed material glued to chip board with a ring mechanism attached.

  24. What is a standard 3 – ring spacing? 4.25” center to center, with 8.5” center to center of outside rings.

  25. How much will a binder hold? The capacity requirement is determined by the quantity, weight (thickness) of the sheets and other inserts. The build-up of sheet protectors, indexes, expansion, and the possible future addition of miscellaneous literature should be considered. Reinforcement used at the binding edge, scored indexes, or dividers will tend to cause a build-up and increase the overall capacity requirements. To extend a binder’s life expectancy we recommend the following maximum loading, but this is only a guideline. All measurements are approximate.
    1. 1/2”ring binder, 80 sheets of 24# paper
    2. 1” ring binder, 130 sheets of 24# paper
    3. 1 1/2” ring binder, 200-230 sheets of 24# paper
    4. 2” ring binder, 275-370 sheets of 24# paper
    5. 3” ring binder, 550-575 sheets of 24# paper
    6. 4”ring binder, 740 sheets of 24# paper
    7. 1/2” ring binder, 20 sheet protectors
    8. 1” ring binder, 45 sheet protectors
    9. 1 1/2” ring binder, 60-70 sheet protectors
    10. 2” ring binder, 95-105 sheet protectors
    11. 3” ring binder, 150-160 sheet protectors
    12. 4” ring binder, 200 sheet protectors
  26. What is the difference between 11”x17” and 17”x11”? 11”x17” indicates sheet size, the binder has rings or fasteners on the 11” end. It is not the actual size of the binder.
    17”x11” indicates the binder, divider or sheet protector has the ring or holes on the 17” side. It is not the actual size of the binder.

  27. Are sheet protectors ARCHIVE QUALITY? Yes, item 556600 & 656600 are made of Polypropylene, an Archive Quality Material.